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Industry Surveys

The table lists industry surveys prepared by Altana Capital analysts and the date when they were compiled and the size of the survey.

All surveys prepared by Altana Capital are the property of the Company and are available only with full advance payment.

Any survey can be updated upon the client's request.

You can order any report that interests you, which will be compiled under a tight deadline in compliance with your request (structure of survey, amount of information content, depth of analysis).

Report name
Рынок молокопродуктов Украины
Анализ экспорта зерновых культур
Анализ внешнеэкономических операций с масличными культурами
nonferrous-metals industry
plastic goods production
sugar production
preserved foods production
engines production
residential development
paint and coatings industry
food equipment
mineral fertilizers production
sanitaryware industry
metal work construction
roofing materials production
shop equipment
coal industry
publishing industry
wood-working industry
pharmaceutical sector
chicken meat production
brick production
glassware production
feed concentrates
heating equipment
heavy machine building
corrugated packaging
Рынок железнодорожного литья в 2004 г.
metal-cutting equipment
radio stations
chilling equipment
tea production
distilled beverages industry
glass industry
automotive tyres
banking sector
cement industry
broken-stone production
beton production
juice production
grinding bodies production
residential property
infant food production
particle board production
metal trading
plastic panel production
cleaning means
foundry industry
medical equipment
frozen food production
office furnitures
polymeric package for food industry
drywall production
welding equipment
heat-insulating materials production
Internet providing
brick production
fuel and energy complex
cable production
polyethylene materials production
wood board production
pulpmill and paper production
shipbuilding industry
polymeric materials
tubular goods productions
iron industry
granite production
woodworking equipment
electricity generating industry
iron industry
jewelery production
juice production
metal goods industry
transport company
bakery products
washing-machine production
fat-and-oil industry
security equipment
clothing industry
confectionery industry
aircraft industry
windows production
cold drinks production
diagnostic and fuel station equipment
thermal and sound insulating materials
automotive industry
commercial property
ceramic and ceramic granite tile production
milk products
animal industry
building compounds production
package production
fermented milk production
gypsum stone production
metal mining industry
ferroalloys production
flour-milling industry
precision machinery industry
road-building machines
mineral water production
hardware production
cable TV
furniture trade
perfumery production
frozen fish production
asynchronous engines production
glass industry
shipbuilding industry
pharmaceutical sector
agricultural machine-building
iron industry
electric power industry
coal industry
coaking coal industry