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Company's History

Early 1990's

Company founded. Facilitates the privatization process of a series of Ukraine's largest enterprises (metallurgical, coking, refractory and trade sectors) particularly as the authorized representative of the State Property Fund of Ukraine.


From 1995 to 2001 the assets of the following three largest investment funds were placed under the Company's management, which were set up to take part in privatization: Edinstvo VF, Almar Invest IF, and Prominvest Keramet IF with over 50 thousand persons participating.

Late 1990's

Participated in forming the biggest financial industrial groups of Ukraine: the Industrial Union of Donbas Corporation and System Capital Management CJSC. During this period the controlling stakes of more than 30 large industrial enterprises of Ukraine and abroad were consolidated (their total market capitalization today is currently about $15 billion).

Beginning of 2000's

Asset consolidation on behalf of large financial industrial groups. A number of asset restructuring projects were implemented. Consolidation of enterprise debt commitments in the Ukraine mining and metallurgic sectors.


The Company, as one of the largest players in the Ukrainian stock market, offers its clients a full range of financial and investment services including investment banking, brokerage services, trust asset management, investment consulting and online trading.


The Company's strategic goal is to become the leading investment company by providing its clients with first class service and presenting itself as the preferred choice for foreign investment to Ukraine.