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Out Principles and Values

Philosophy of our brand

What does our logo mean?

Our logo is based on a shield, symbolizing the protection of our clients' investments, the confidentiality of their information, and the company's principled stand and assurance in adhering to the moral and ethical aspects of conducting business

At the center of the shield is a flame, which is the eternal symbol of the drive towards new heights, and which stands for our company's continuous higher growth.

The Company and Community:

  • Advocacy for investors' interests.
  • Active civic role.
  • Responsibility, honesty, good faith, observance of business ethics, moral norms and rules.
  • Outreach activities in the financial sphere.
  • Absolute adherence to the legality of operations.
  • Informational transparency. Transparency in matters of public and media relations.

The Company and the Market:

  • Drive towards gaining the leading position in the Ukrainian stock market.
  • Promote market infrastructure development.
  • Use of innovations aimed at creating new projects, products and services.

The Company and Clients:

  • Personal approach to every client; special care in protecting their assets and income.
  • Reliability assurance and cushioning of risks, delivery of high quality service.
  • Drive for long term, lasting mutually beneficial relations.

The Company and Personnel:

  • The Company's employees are its most valuable asset.
  • The Company encourages its employees to excel in professional development and assists them in this endeavor.
  • Company personnel are a unified team of talented and professional people who work for the benefit of clients and the Company.