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Team Management

Alyona Amitan
General Director

Alyona Amitan joined Altana Capital team in 2001, and already in 2002 she headed the company's back office. In 2007 Alyona became finance director and in 2010 she stepped up to her current role as a general director of the company.

Alyona earned her first diploma at the Donetsk National University, having graduated from the accounting and finance department. In 2010 Alyona graduated from the International Institute of Management's MBA program.. Currently she is completing her degree in Law at the Donetsk National University.

Today Alyona represents the company at the supervisory board of PFTS Exchange and at the association board of 'Security Partnership' Association. She's also a member of revision commission of the Innex Exchange's Board.

Alena placed 8th among the 25 best CEOs of Ukrainian stock market companies, according the rating TOP 100. The best Top-managers of  Ukraine, 2012.

Alena placed 5th among the 15 best CEOs of Ukrainian stock market companies, according to the GVardia CEOs 2011 rating.

tel: +38 044-272-42-46

Evgeniy Pshenichkin
General Director of Asset Management Company "Altana Investment Management"

Evgeniy earned his first Master's degree in applied mathematics from the Donetsk National University. Later he graduated from the finance department. In 2011 he completed his postgraduate study at the Institute of Applied Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Evgeniy began Altana Capital career in 2007 as a broker. In 2010 he progressed to the General Director of 'Altana Investment Management'.

Evgeniy is certified to trade securities and conduct asset management and depository activities, and is the company's financial monitoring specialist.

tel: +38 044-272-42-48