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Raising Debt Capital

Altana Capital will act as the chief organizer, underwriter, market maker and consultant in attracting debt financing for enterprises under the best possible conditions for the borrower.

When attracting debt capital the company will provide the following services:

  • Organization of issuing and placing bonds and servicing of the offered bonds.
  • Maintenance of bond quotes on the secondary market.
  • Facilitate the refinancing and redemption of bonds.
  • Consulting on attracting syndicated loans.
  • Facilitate the issue of credit linked notes (CLN) (on the over-the-counter market).
  • Consulting on issues relating to releasing loan participation notes (LPN) (on the public market).


  • Hold negotiations with management and owners.
  • Determine the preparation level for attracting external financing and the requirements for attracting external financing.
  • Form a concept for issuing a bond, determining the best parameters for a bond issue and the most favorable period for the bond placement.
  • Company makes the decision to issue bonds and their legal implementation.
  • Publicize information on the decision to issue bonds.
  • Production of bond certificates / Deposit the global certificate in the Inter-Regional Security Association (MFS).
  • Conclude contracts with rating agencies.
  • Conclude contract with the MFS depositary for servicing the bond issue.
  • Codification of the bond issue.
  • Prepare documents for state registration of the bond issue and information about the bond issue in the Securities and Stock Market State Commission.
  • Publish registration information of the bond issue.
  • Fixing the price of the initial sale and start of bond issue among investors.
  • Launch a public relations and advertising campaign (communication of an investment memorandum, presentations, road show).
  • Acceptance of applications to purchase bonds.
  • Conclusion of contracts of bond sale.
  • Control of receipt of funds by the issuer and the bonds credited to the accounts of investors.
  • Register report on the results of the bond placement and publish a news release about this.
  • Listing of bonds on the stock exchange.
  • Maintenance of the secondary bond market.
  • Regular provision of relevant bond information to investors and the stock exchange.
  • Control the timing of the bond issuer's coupon payment to investors.
  • Facilitate early redemption of bonds by investors (if the offer was stipulated in the conditions of the bond issue).
  • Redemption of bonds and submission of a report on this fact to the Securities and Stock Market State Commission.

Eurobonds (LPN - loan participation note):

  • Hold negotiations with management and owners.
  • Determine the preparation level for attracting external financing and the requirements for attracting external financing.
  • Sign a mandate and plan a deal (determine the amount of financing to be raised, choose mechanisms, determine periods, circle of potential investors, best timing of placement).
  • First stage of consulting with all participants (rating agencies, lawyers, accountants, etc).
  • Conduct due diligence of issuer by independent advisors, analysis of financial results of previous periods.
  • Prepare and develop an accountability system (analysis of management accountability, work out a format and reporting system for investors).
  • Obtain a rating (complete an informational memorandum for rating agencies, rating agencies conduct due diligence of the issuer).
  • Structuring and documentation of the deal (deal structuring, prepare the deal contract).
  • Assessment of internal credit rating (preparing an internal report on the rating, confirmation of credit parameters).
  • Rating agency confirms the rating (confirmation of internal and external limits and liquidity support, rating confirmation).
  • Develop an investment documentation package required for conducting the placement of the bonds.
  • Analyse the sources and size of demand, determine the size and structure of the placement.
  • Organize meeting with analysts and publication of analytical reports, prepare a public announcement of the placement, organization and conduct of road show.
  • Conduct the initial bond issue among interested investors in accordance with the memorandum.
  • Draft report of the placement's results.
  • Work out organizational and financial plans and mechanisms of maintaining the liquidity of the bonds on the secondary market.

Credit linked notes (CLN) - similar to issuing an LPN but doesn't require:

  • Full disclosure of company information;
  • The company must have an international credit rating;
  • Reporting, auditing according to international standards;
  • Mandatory due diligence;
  • Special purpose vehicle (SPV) listing (special-purpose company) on foreign exchanges.