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How Brokerage Services are performed

  • Provide a broker with a call for bids or sales call for a security.
  • Upon purchasing a security: pay for the security in accordance with the brokerage services contract (by paying the brokerage cashier/ transferring money to a current account).
  • Upon selling: sign a custodial order to withdraw securities from your account.
  • Upon purchasing: obtain a custodial statement to deposit securities on your securities account.
  • Upon selling: instruct a broker regarding the monetary equivalent of the sold securities - transfer money to the current account or pay the Client from the brokerage cashier.
  • Obtain a statement for the completed transaction and relative copies of documents (purchase/sales contract, etc.).

The renewal of required documents can be conveniently done by the Client via:

  • A personal visit to the broker's office (or via representation);
  • By mail (regular or courier).

Placing a call for bids or sales call for securities can be done:

  • On the Company's website (the most efficient and convenient option);
  • Personally at the broker's office (or via representation);
  • By mail (regular or courier);
  • By telephone/fax during the broker's business hours (followed by mandatory delivery of the original statements).