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Description of Brokerage Service

Brokerage entails conducting securities transactions on behalf of the client (investor) who pays for and orders the transactions. These services are suitable for investors who understand the stock market and are capable of making independent investment decisions.

Altana Capital provides the following services on the stock market for individual clients:

  • Sale/purchase of securities on Ukraine's exchanges.
  • Over-the-counter sale/purchase of securities.
  • Constructing a securities portfolio for the Client.
  • Analytical support to the Client.
  • Information on securities quotations.
  • Regular Client updates on the status of portfolios.
  • Buying up large-scale holdings for portfolio investors via the purchase of shares from individuals.
  • Share consolidation on the market in the interest of majority shareholders.
  • Depositary services of a securities Custodian.

If you're financially independent and are searching for a way to make much more money than what bank deposit rates offer, and know enough to make independent decisions on the stock market, and want to be regularly up-to-date on what happens on the stock market, then brokerage services are for you.

Altana Capital offers corporate clients a full range of brokerage services:

  • Securities transactions including stocks and fixed income instruments on Ukrainian exchanges (PFTS, Ukrainian Exchange, Innex Stock Exchange, Perspective Stock Exchange, Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange), as well as others.
  • Consolidation of a company's debt securities.
  • Buying up of small- and mid-sized blocks of equities from minority shareholders for strategic investors.
  • Acquisition of stocks in Ukrainian companies from the general population for large owners.
  • Acquisition of securities at tender, auction, or other organized system.
  • Constructing a securities portfolio for clients.
  • Analytical support to clients.
  • Regular information regarding on security prices.
  • Reporting directly to a client on the state of their portfolio.
  • Depositary and custodial services.

Altana Capital provides the following services to financial institutions on the securities market:

  • Purchase/sale of securities (stocks, bonds) on the exchanges of Ukraine (PFTS, Ukrainian Exchange, Innex Stock Exchange, Prospect Stock Exchange, Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange) and over-the-counter.
  • Constructing a portfolio of securities and pension funds.
  • Placement of technical and mathematical reserves of insurance companies in compliance with current legislative requirements.
  • Analytical support to clients.
  • Provision of information on securities quotes.
  • Updating clients on the state of their portfolio.
  • Depositary services of a securities custodian.