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Raising Share Capital

Altana Capital assists company owners to raise funds to finance their investment programs. When raising share capital our company will select the most effective way:

  • Initial public offering;
  • Private placement;
  • Sale to a strategic investor.

An initial public offering (IPO) is the first public offering of stocks being listed on a stock exchange among a wide circle of investors who are unknown in advance

A private placement - direct sale of shares offered to a few, select individuals determined in advance.

Services offered by the company:

Advance preparation for the placement:

  • Determine financing needs.
  • Determine the preparedness level to raise external financing.
  • Determine financial conditions and conclude the contract.
  • Develop and implement a strategy of achieving the highest company value when placing the stock (which includes the ideal timing of the placement).
  • Consulting on making changes to organizational structure tied with the necessity to improve corporate governance and make the business transparent.
  • Assist in choosing outside consultants by calling to attention factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing outside consultants, holding negotiations with them on behalf of the company, formulating terms of reference (TOR).
  • Designate a timetable for listing stocks, set a schedule and ensure all involved parties are aware of it and supervise its implementation.

Organizational and legal restructuring, audit on international standards:

  • Consultation on issues relating to creating a clear and transparent legal company structure.
  • Assistance in implementing principles of corporate governance to raise the company's value before the public offering.
  • Quality control and term for executing work and its overall coordination.
  • Develop the best mechanism for structuring the assets of the newly created company.
  • Consultation on issues relating to the content of the founding documents of the company.
  • Consulting on European legislation.
  • Counsel on accounting adjustments and reporting projects with auditors aimed at securing the most fitting financial reporting format for the company.

Preparation of analytical documentation:

  • Preparation of issue prospectus, analyst reports, views and ratings of managers, the presentations of top management and other documents required for registration, marketing purposes and the eventual road show.
  • Mailing of materials to potential investors.

Road show to generate the most demand for the company's securities:

  • Organization and conducting of road show for investors.
  • Organization and conducting of negotiations with investors.

Placement of securities:

  • Collection of investors' bids.
  • Order book organization and settlement of shares.
  • Ensure the company receives funds and completion of deal.

Liquidity support of the stocks after their placement on a stock exchange and monitoring the stock exchange's rules:

  • Conclude contracts with local (foreign) brokers on maintaining a liquid market for the company's stocks.
  • Include the securities on the listing of a stock exchange.
  • Support a liquid market.
  • Regular provision of reporting on the stock market and informing of investors.