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Stock Exchange Listing

Pursuant to article 24 of Ukraine's 'Law on Joint Stock Companies' (No514-17 from 17.09.08), all public joint stock companies are required to register shares in the company, at a minimum, with one stock exchange in Ukraine.

Furthermore, the article states that the signing of any purchase-sale agreement of shares in a public joint stock company may only be completed on the stock exchange where the shares are listed. Therefore, the article forbids transactions with shares of public companies to be completed OTC. Issuers whose stocks are in an exchange's non-listed register and which are interested in retaining their position on the exchanges are required to list the stock, even if they are also registered on another stock exchange.

Ukraine currently has 11 trading platforms. The most active among them are the following:

  • First Stock Trading System (PFTS),
  • Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange (UICE),
  • Ukrainian Stock Exchange (USE).

Altana Capital offers consulting services for issuers regarding stock exchanges, and takes into consideration the company's needs, preferences, and financial standing. In addition, Altana Capital will take on all aspects of the work required in incorporating the issuer in the listing. This gives Altana Capital a notarized power of attorney to complete the additional services, which is governed by a consultancy contract signed with the company. Altana will then prepare all documents required to submit to the given stock exchange's admissions committee.

Required documents:

  • Copy of the issuer company's statute (notarized);
  • Copy of the issuer's government registration;
  • Copy of the issuer's registration in the Single State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (SSREOU);
  • Copy of all documents related to the stock's government registration number and ISIN code;
  • Copy of the stock issuance registration license;
  • Copy of the securities issuance prospectus, registered in accordance with Ukrainian legislation;
  • Informational brochure on the security;
  • Financial reports for the most recent reporting period preceding the time of registration;
  • Financial reports for the preceding three fiscal years;
  • In cases where the issuer is a legal heir to one or several of the founders, or if the issuer was founded as a result of a reorganization of government, communal or other enterprises according to privatization legislation, the company is required to present the balance sheet and financials for the founding entities for the three years preceding the application, as well as liquidated balances;
  • Copy of the auditor's report regarding the last year's financials;
  • Copy of the issuer's report for the last reporting period (accepted by the State Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine);
  • A report containing information on the issuer's shareholder structure, a list of all affiliate branches, representatives and other independent subsidiaries with current and other accounts, and information on administrative and economic sanctions enacted against the issuer;
  • Listing support contract with fields denoting listing level left blank, signed by the issuer company (2 copies).